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Business, taken personally.

Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

Farming understood.

Farmers and landowners face many challenges in an ever evolving industry.

Endeavour Partnership is widely known and respected in the Tees Valley and the wider surrounding area as a first-class commercial law firm specialising in providing the highest
quality legal and commercial advice to businesses in all sectors. One such sector is the Agriculture and Rural business community, primarily spanning from the Scottish border
moorlands through Northumberland, North East, North Yorkshire to as far south as our clients happen to be.

The Agricultural team at Endeavour doesn’t only practice agricultural law but when away from the office can be found wearing their overalls and boots on their own farms and smallholdings. So, when not advising a farm business they really are working the farm business. It is taking the government and the wider general public some time to realise the importance of British agriculture in the food industry and in general with the British economy and the economic contribution it makes to the overall wellbeing of the country. While “others still don’t get it”, here at Endeavour we fully understand “why farming matters”.

The coming years are sure to bring huge uncertainties in every sector but no more so than in agriculture and other land-based rural businesses. There has never been and perhaps never
will be a greater need for businesses to take specialist legal and commercial advice, the delivery of which comes naturally to the lawyers at Endeavour.
We also advise on a wide range of legal and practice areas, anyone, more, or even all of which an agribusiness is likely to encounter either as part of its established business or with a view to maximising the opportunities available through diversification.


• Contracts and transfers for the sale, purchase or leasing of agricultural land
• Rights of way easements, wayleaves, restrictive covenants, and other valuable land interests
• Farm Business sales and acquisitions
• Country House and Estate conveyancing

Energy/Renewal Sector

• Renewal energy including large scale onshore wind turbines, solar power farms, and hydroelectric systems.