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Business, taken personally.

Banking and Finance.

Get ahead of the funding curve.

In an ever-evolving world, potential sources of finance are now more diverse than ever. We can help you decide on the best option for your growing business.

As the financial sector has evolved across the world following the financial crisis, so too has the sources of funding available to businesses not only in the debt markets but in equity markets too. Our expertise in the marketplace is extensive and we recognise the vital role that banking and finance play to business.

By drawing on our considerable experience, we provide clients with a clear understanding of the risks and complexities of the financial proposal at hand to ensure it’s the right funding fit for their businesses future.

Once the decision has been made to go for funding, we can offer invaluable insight and expert advice throughout the entire process including:
  • Helping you understand the different types of funding available
  • Introducing you to the right funders for your business
  • Guiding you through the funding application process
  • Implementing the right financial structure internally
  • Comparing the offers of funding received from a legal perspective
  • Setting up and supporting you through the funder’s due diligence process
  • Advising you what is often negotiable and what is not
  • Negotiating the term sheet on your behalf – it is not just the margin and the lender’s fees you need to consider

Once you are ready, our team will advise and if appropriate negotiate the funding documentation on your behalf, coordinate conditions precedent, finalise the process post-funding, monitor ongoing covenant compliance create a “red flag” list for future trigger events and if required, project manage the entire process on your behalf.

Whether you need a second opinion, initial advice or full-scale engagement, we assist a wide range of roles including:
  • Finance directors, CEOs, in-house legal teams or smaller law firms all of which need additional expert support with funding documentation
  • SMEs, sole traders, partnerships and Charity trustees who have never experienced the funding process
  • Accountants who want to add extra value to their client’s experience

With a wealthy background of acting for both lenders and borrowers, our team has gained a detailed insight into how participants on each side of the fence think and how they operate.