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Business, taken personally.

Our Values.

What makes us unique.

Our values are our authentic and unique guiding principles, they are the DNA that runs through the firm and our people.

Dedicated to business.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the best outcomes possible whilst maintaining the highest standard of service and value.

We have a tailored approach to legal support, understanding that all organisations are different. Our teams, no matter the department, have a detailed knowledge of business giving them the insight needed to provide work of an industry defining standard.

Contemporary vibrancy, traditional excellence.

Our style is authentic and modern, a refreshing change to the stereotypical law firm.

We are continuously improving our methods and embracing new technology, adopting best levels of practice in every aspect of our work.

Professional informality.

For many businesses, a trip to the solicitors is like a trip to the dentist, a necessary evil. We pride ourselves on being approachable, cutting through the legal jargon and providing clients with the need to know facts.

Empower the dynamic, support the brave.

The business platform is constantly evolving, never has embracing change and exploring modernization been more vital. We know from experience this is important for a company to not only survive but thrive.

We commit to supporting our clients through change, no matter what market they are in.

Individual empowerment, collective growth.

Innovation starts at home, that’s why creating the best environment for our team to grow is so important.

We are dedicated to encouraging personal development, providing regular training opportunities to enhance expertise in addition to the introduction of employee engagement software helping collect invaluable staff feedback.

Big hearts, helping hands.

Our community is close to our hearts. Using our business as a platform we  are actively involved in supporting a number of charitable organisations across the Teesside area.

We engage with North East education providers to help develop the skills of their student and young people, giving them access to our  high quality employment opportunities, work experience schemes and training contracts.

Our greatest reward is seeing the impact we make to our region, not only from our actions as a firm but with the help our individual efforts.