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Business, taken personally.


Experts in the modern world of education and academisation.

We provide sector specific knowledge and expertise for the ‘brave new world' of modern day Education.

At Endeavour we are acutely aware of and grateful for the absolutely vital part education has played in helping us to not only achieve success in our business and professional lives but also to live fulfilling lives where an understanding and/or appreciation of such things as languages, religion, ethics and the arts are vitally important.

We are also acutely aware of the pivotal role that our schools, FE colleges and other educational establishments continue to play in educating our children and our children’s children.

It is for this reason that we at Endeavour have invested heavily in acquiring the specialist knowledge and skills needed to provide specialist advice to the Education Sector and why we encourage our individual team members to ‘play their part’ by becoming governors of schools and FE colleges.

The legal support that Endeavour provides to the Education Sector not only draws on our sector-specific knowledge and expertise but also the wider commercial and strategic knowledge and expertise that we have gained in advising clients in other sectors, which is equally applicable to the ‘brave new world’ that the independent Education Sector now inhabits.

Accordingly, Education is one of the key service sectors that Endeavour is committed to provide as part of our portfolio of legal services to our clients.

Services within this sector

We have one thing in common with all our clients, the desire to be the best we can be.

Education Blog Posts

What are the challenges of converting to an academy school?

With 'academisation' fast spreading across the secondary education sector what are the challenges of converting to an academy? Our education team has the answer.

RAISEonline has been released!

RAISEonline (Reporting and Analysis for Improvement through school Self-Evaluation) was released in a new format in 2016. Find out the importance of this document in the education sector and what's new.

We don't need no education!

Expert legal opinions of the ground breaking decision by the High Court that Jon Platt, who took his daughter away out of school, has no case to answer for refusing to pay a fine.