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Admissions and Exclusions

It is important to make the ‘right’ decision concerning admissions and exclusions of pupils or students, both from the point of view of the school or other educational body itself but also from the point of view of the pupil that may be denied admission or expelled.

Failure to ‘get this right’ may lead to decisions being challenged or reversed which will inevitably give rise to operational issues as well as potential reputational damage to the school or other educational body and may have a detrimental effect on the pupil’s life chances.

We can help by ensuring that admission and exclusion policies and procedures not only comply with the law but that they are also properly applied, by:

  • ensuring that that they comply with equality and human rights obligations as well as the DfE (or other applicable) admissions codes and guidance on exclusions;
  • enabling you to make informed decisions having regard to the various options available to you;
  • advising in relation to the form and content of ‘exclusion letters’;
  • advising in relation to complaints and appeals against decisions to admit or expel;
  • providing representation at governing body and/or independent review panel (IRP) hearings;
  • advising on reconsideration of exclusion decisions and challenging IRP decisions;
  • clerking governing body and/or IRP hearings; and
  • assisting with the selection, appointment and training of panel members and clerks.