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Planning Law.

Laying the foundations.

We work closely with you to understand and manage the wider range of factors in order to reach the most favourable outcomes for your organisation.

We recognise that obtaining planning permission is critical to both the viability and profitability of  a new development. We aim to provide practical advice to help you tackle any planning law issues and will work closely with you and planning consultants who prepare planning applications to try to achieve the most favourable outcome possible for your organisation.

We deliver a breadth of planning law-related services:
  • Advising on the need for planning permission for a proposed development or change of use
  • Planning obligations required to enable planning permission to be granted
  • Advising on breaches of planning control and planning enforcement action
  • Challenging the grant of planning permissions via judicial review
  • Advising on rights of way and other highways related issues
We use our years of expertise, critical understanding of planning regulations and creative thinking to draft, negotiate and advise upon:
  • Section 106 planning agreements including for phased developments
  • Highways agreements (for the construction and dedication of highways, as well as carrying out works to an existing adopted highway)
  • Conditional land purchase agreements
  • Planning promotion agreements
  • Overage agreements

We also work closely with town and country planners who specialise in preparing planning applications and appeals.

Natalie Kay is our in-house planning law specialist and can deliver a breadth of planning related services. Natalie is a Partner in our Commercial Property team and works closely with our clients on the planning challenges across all sectors.

“Natalie has been a pleasure to work with, she was efficient and effective in negotiating and advising us upon the planning agreements required for our proposed developments, which was essential since we couldn’t start work on-site until these were signed off. Completely dedicated to her job and clients, I was immensely happy with the work she carried out for us and I very much look forward to working with her again in the future on our next development”.
Craig Peterson, Carlton and Co

Does your sign require planning permission?

Its often thought that you only need planning permission if you’re extending, demolishing or constructing a building. But did you know it may also be required for a sign or advertisement?

Read the top 5 conditions advertisements must comply with and whether or not you need to make an application!

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