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Business, taken personally.


Building your business on the right legal foundations.

Our specialist team of construction solicitors, understand the challenges our clients face operating in the construction industry.

Our passion is to be their trusted support; providing the technical expertise, reassurance and if necessary, rapid and firm action- to let our construction clients, do what they do – build.

Endeavour has a wealth of experience in advising on developments from multi million pounds in value to minor works.  We are there to make building happen and projects pay, in developments ranging from commercial, residential, leisure, manufacturing, health, energy, and education. If it’s being built, we can help- we work with developers, employers, contractors and consultants in the Tees Valley and across the UK.

We pride ourselves on providing construction clients with legal services tailored for them-  whether it is advising on construction issues at initiation, tendering, professional appointments, project management, drafting bespoke contracts, payment applications, contractual notices, we do it.  And we are also there when things don’t run as they should- advising in adjudications, arbitrations, court proceedings and negotiating tough settlements. We bite so our clients don’t have to.