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Notary Public Services.

For you and your business.

We can support both businesses and individuals with our Notary Public services.

A Notary Public is an internationally recognised public office, allowing those who are admitted to authenticate and certify documents, facts and events for the use in overseas transactions and litigation matters.

Alex Smith, one of our Partners, is an experienced Notary Public appointed by the office of the Archbishop of Canterbury to carry out this service in England and Wales.

We can provide this service for both businesses as well as on an individual basis.

For your business.

Alex regularly validates documents for tax registration and incorporating companies overseas, an authority of offices within the company and signature/execution of documents.  Along with this, he arranges the registration and authentication of documents for the Foreign and Commonwealth office.

Together with this Alex has the authority to certify the capacity of companies to enter into transaction and execution of documents attesting Powers of Attorney, particularly for use abroad.

For you.

Likewise, we can provide notary public services for individuals by witnessing the signature of documents, certify copies of passports and academic qualifications along with attesting Powers of Attorney.

Alex is experienced when dealing with overseas notary work including authentication of documents for use in sponsorship, the signing of acknowledging for use in the USA and the purposes of international adoption proceedings. In addition, he can arrange for legislation of documents in the Foreign and Commonwealth office in addition to taking depositions for use in foreign courts.

Whatever your sector, we offer uncompromising legal knowledge with a uniquely human approach.