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Business, taken personally.

Intellectual Property.

Protecting your brand.

Your brand is what makes your company stand out from the crowd.

Intellectual property can be one of the most valuable assets a company has at its disposal, especially in today’s knowledge economy and after what may be years of hard work and effort building a product, brand, and identity.

Safeguarding and securing intellectual property is vital to businesses; not only can it protect your name and reputation, but intellectual property is a commodity like any other that can be valuable, be exploited, and be bought and sold.

Brands and key products are those that customers associate and identify with first; it is vital that they are afforded the correct protection and employed in a suitable commercial strategy to enable a business to prosper and thrive.

Our team can help you identify your intellectual property and protect this asset to your business. We advise on areas such as copyright, trademarking, and designs, and deal with the relevant application process for you and commercialise your rights. We can help you exploit the asset through licensing and sales, or enforce and defend your rights if disputes arise.

Whether you are a start-up business with just an idea, or are more established and looking to protect and commercialise your intellectual property then our intellectual property lawyers can provide you with the practical support and advice you need.

Are you protected?

Businesses and designers should be aware that cheaper registration fees are an opportunity for them to secure greater protection for their intellectual property.

Check out our blog from expert James Butler how to safeguard your designs for less.

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Whatever your sector, we offer uncompromising legal knowledge with a uniquely human approach.