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Employment and Pensions

Our employment team has acted in relation to a range of employment issues in the Education sector including in relation to academy conversions where we regularly act ‘on either sides of the fence’  and has extensive experience of dealing with educational pensions issues.

We are acutely aware of the need to provide an immediate response where there is often a fast developing situation where the wrong word, action (taken without good advice) or inaction can have serious consequences.

Our employment team  accordingly provides a full employment law service which includes:

  • responsive telephone help-line;
  • reviewing and up-dating your standard employment contracts;
  • reviewing and up-dating your employment policies and arrangements (including DBS) to ensure that they comply with the law and are in accordance with good practice;
  • advising in relation to your dealings with unions;
  • advising in relation to grievance and disciplinary issues enabling you to make informed decisions having regard to the various options available to you and comply with all relevant procedural issues;
  • advising in relation to the form and content of ‘sanctions or dismissal letters’ and settlement agreements;
  • advising in relation to appeals against decisions to take sanctions or dismiss; and
  • providing representation at employment tribunal and appeal hearings.

We also facilitate/participate in seminars and workshops in relation to recent developments in employment law and/or its application to the Education sector.