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Brexit Breakdown

Deal or no deal: are you ready?

The historic vote to leave the EU raises significant challenges and potential opportunities for all companies operating in the UK.

As the deadline swiftly approaches businesses, if they haven’t already, need to start putting serious steps in place to accommodate the expected changes that will come with Brexit, whether its a deal or no deal result.  Carrying out a Brexit assurance audit is one way to identify Brexit-related risks and, where possible, shine a light on the steps to take in response.

Implementing a Brexit Assurance Audit

This plan should be flexible to cope with the evolving negotiations between the UK and the EU but should also identify the aspects of your business which will be most affected by Brexit.  An audit should successfully pinpoint the implications as well as the risks and opportunities 

There are 3 principal phases to consider when carrying out a Brexit assurance audit:

  1. Conducting an audit to pinpointing the implications, risks and opportunities.
  2. Evaluating and prioritising the audit conclusions to create a plan in readiness for Brexit.
  3. Monitoring strategies and developments to mitigate further risks.

These steps are designed to ensure that a company’s board can satisfy itself that all Brexit-related risks and opportunities have been identified and responded to as much as possible in advance of a decision surrounding Brexit.

From a commercial perspective, the key areas we would advise businesses to focus their attention are:

  • Ability to continue to operate in key markets
  • Business immigration
  • Contractual consequences
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Data Protection
  • Intellectual property and information technology

Due to the high level of uncertainty, it’s vital for businesses to receive strategically focused legal advice when implementing a Brexit assurance audit. Our Brexit team includes legal experts from each of the commercial disciplines we cover ready to provide your business with responsive Brexit advice.

It’s key that businesses stay informed on the outcomes and effects negotiations could have on their business. 



Will Brexit affect your employees?

A solid and skilled workforce is vital to succeed in the modern world of business. But with Brexit expected to highly impact the recruitment and retention of EU and overseas employees, how will you comply with new regulations and laws?

Check out our free downloadable covering the key aspects of business immigration such as global mobility and the prevention of illegal working with advice from our specialist, Laura Kirkpatrick.

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