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Company Secretarial Services

We provide a full range of company secretarial services for academies, independent schools, FE colleges and other educational bodies including on incorporation, an ongoing company law compliance service and bespoke company law advice.

As part of our fixed price company law compliance service, we maintain your members’, directors’ and other company law registers that all  incorporated educational bodies are required to maintain.

Also if your educational body is (or intends to become) involved in trading activity that would otherwise cause it to be in breach of its charity law obligations it will be necessary for it to establish a wholly owned subsidiary trading company which will facilitate the lawful carrying on of the trading activity the proceeds of which will be for the exclusive benefit of the academy, independent school, FE college or other educational body.

Our company law service includes:

  • forming the educational body itself;
  • advising in relation to any proposed group structures;
  • forming any required trading subsidiaries;
  • providing on-going company secretarial services; and
  • providing bespoke company and/or charity law advice.