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Business, taken personally.

Our employment team is experienced in relation to a range of employment issues. They are acutely aware of the need to provide an immediate response where there is often a fast developing situation where the wrong word or action (taken without good advice) can have disastrous consequences.

We accordingly provide a full employment service which includes:

  • a telephone response help-line;
  • reviewing and up-dating standard employment contracts;
  • reviewing and up-dating employment policies and arrangements to ensure that they comply with the law and are in accordance with good practice;
  • advising in relation to dealings with unions;
  • advising in relation to grievance and disciplinary issues enabling businesses to make informed decisions having regard to the various options available to them and comply with all relevant procedural issues;
  • advising in relation to the form and content of ‘sanctions or dismissal letters’ and settlement agreements;
  • advising in relation to appeals against decisions to take sanctions or dismiss; and
  • providing representation at employment tribunal and appeal hearings.

We also facilitate or participate in seminars and workshops in relation to recent developments in employment law.