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Intellectual property rights protect the names of products, brands and various other things you may write or produce.

Unfortunately some of these forms of protection do not automatically arise on creation so although your bespoke policies and procedures may well be automatically protected the name of your development and/or its logo will not.  However, as the value of intellectual property (IP) is not recognised on the balance sheet it is common for its intrinsic value (and the need to protect it) to be overlooked.

It is also quite common for someone to innocently or deliberately breach someone else’s IP which may give rise to a claim being made.  This may commonly be when a business copies another set of standard terms and conditions or where a PR agency uses images on a website that belong to someone else, which could give rise to a claim being made for a cash settlement.

Our intellectual property service includes helping you to protect your IP, enforcing or defending your IP rights and helping you to protect your own website and other information technology.