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Are you complying with UK immigration rules?

Posted by Laura kirkpatrick on 27th July 2017

Did you know the fine from the government for employing an illegal migrant can be up to £20,000! Make sure you know how to carry out a right to work check.

Any individual who works in the UK must have the legal right to do so. If such a right does not exist then the individual is liable to deportation and the employer could face heavy civil and criminal charges under the relevant immigration legislation.

The UK immigration rules are complex and often many employers are caught out for not completing the correct right to work checks. Therefore our immigration specialist, Laura Kirkpatrick has devised a “right to work” policy that can be tailored to the needs of your business. This policy will provide you and your staff with a brief overview of the immigration rules applicable to your business and provide step by step instructions on how to carry out a “right to work” check.  

This policy is available for only £120 plus VAT, if you’re unsure of any if your employees status get in touch with our Business Immigration law expert, Laura, today. 


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