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Meet the clients: JH Mechanical Services

Posted by Lotty Reeves on 9th March 2020

Who are JH Mechanical Services?

Based in Stockton, JH Mechanical Services is a leading provider of mechanical, electrical and water management services across the North of England.

John Heward, managing director has been in the industry for more than 20 years. Starting as an apprentice at 16 he has gone on to perfect his trade.

Heather Heward, finance director has over 20 years experience in strategic business planning and is responsible for implementing the organisation’s plans for growth.

Working with many clients within the public sector, including various educational facilities, corporate organisations and also the MOD, replacing a heating system at Catterick Garrison, they have an impressive client list.


What services does Endeavour provide?

Navigate HR

Heather: “We understand the value of our team and Navigate HR has helped us ensure best practice is in place. The HR support we receive from Endeavour feels like an in-house service, they are part of our team and as we have grown, they have been on hand to support our needs.

“They are a friendly team and their culture fits with ours. They reviewed all our employment contracts and ensured staff handbooks were up to date. Knowing everything is taken care of and we have instant access to an expert team offers us value for money and means we can focus on the business operations.

“We currently have 31 employees, and this is growing, it is important to ensure we look after them. Our team include apprentices, trainees, full and part-time employees; outsourcing our HR means we can be confident that every one of our team is receiving the support they need individually, this has a positive impact on productivity.”

Corporate and Commercial

John: “We have a significant amount of work in the public sector, supporting schools and Academy groups. We are also working with firms larger than we are and it is important that contracts and agreements are in place. The team at Endeavour have took the time to understand our business, the way we operate and the needs of our customers. Our legal documents are not generic, they really do reflect us and provide clear and fair terms for us to work to.

“The relationship we have built up means we can call on the support of the legal experts at Endeavour at short notice, knowing they have grown with us and can offer up to date, commercial advice that is relevant to us.”

Why Endeavour?

Heather: “We naturally wanted to work with a Tees Valley organisation so went about researching who were the best. Endeavour kept coming up and when we investigated further, we realised we had very similar values. Like us, they strive to be the best they can be whilst retaining a firm place in the region, supporting charities and promoting the Tees Valley. We regularly compete with larger firms outside the region and win contracts based on our ability to deliver, Endeavour are doing the same.

“Career progression and skills agenda is important to us. John is a NE Apprentice Ambassador and we believe in supporting young people from this region to understand what they can do within the Tees Valley. Endeavour adopts a similar attitude and we are impressed by their commitment to their own team. The various layers of expertise, from trainee to partner and the low turnover of staff shows their dedication.”

John: “We bat above our average and are proud of our achievements. Delivering exceptional service levels at competitive rates is what we are known for and Endeavour operates in a similar way. We are confident they will always provide the correct legal advice, they are experts, but the time they have taken to build a relationship and their honesty means we gain much more than static legal advice, it is tailored to our needs and offers value for money.”


For further information on our Navigate HR services or to speak to an expert regarding your commercial legal requirements, contact us.

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