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Commercial Landlords

Who is responsible for the damage to commercial rental properties following a storm?

Storm damage can massively impact business. Following Storm Arwen and Storm Barra, it is likely that many businesses will suffer some form of damage or loss. Where any damage or loss does occur it is important to know who will be responsible for the repairs.

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Rent suspension clauses and Covid-19

During the pandemic, the UK government imposed restrictions which resulted in some tenants being unable to use their property for the use permitted under the lease. Whilst many landlords were reasonable in re-negotiating the payment of rent during this time, others sent demands to tenants for full rent, as per terms of the lease.

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New rules to consider when converting a commercial building to residential

A new national permitted development right is coming into force, allowing commercial, business and services use (currently in Use Class E) to be converted to residential property without the need to submit a full planning application.

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Recovering rent arrears from your commercial tenants

The past 6 months have been challenging for businesses across the UK, with the Covid-19 pandemic having serious implications on the economy. The property sector has received several pieces of Government guidance throughout this period, many of which have been of benefit to commercial tenants renting their business premises.

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