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What lessons can employers learn from the Yorkshire Cricket Club complaints crisis?

With anti-bullying week coming up on the 15th of November, it is disturbing to see how such well-known organisations can still get it so wrong. Not only has it been proven that racial harassment and bullying took place within Yorkshire Cricket Club, but the handling of the investigatory process has also been disastrous.  

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Menopause and Discrimination in the workplace

As menopause in the workplace is becoming a much-discussed topic, it is essential that employers are aware of it, in order to help individuals who are experiencing it. Failing to protect individuals who are experiencing menopause can have serious consequences for employers. In particular, it may lead to unfair dismissal claims and claims relating to […]

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Questions around employment status within the Gig Economy continue

Amazon drivers have become the latest delivery drivers to challenge their employment status.

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Get to know Hive HR

Hive helps organisations to make better decisions by harnessing the collective intelligence of the whole workforce. They do this by providing their customers with innovative software that makes it easy, accessible and effective for employees to share their ideas, concerns and opinions.

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Meet our client: Cambridge Research Biochemicals

Cambridge Research Biochemicals (CRB) is a leading independent producer of custom-made peptide and antibody tools, supplying researchers in the pharmaceutical, life science and academic sectors worldwide.

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How to encourage and maintain equality in the workplace

As Pride month comes to an end and communities across the world continue to strive for equal rights and status, now is the time for everyone to acknowledge the importance of diversity and inclusion. Employers too should look carefully at the role equality plays within their workplace. Offering equal opportunities to all is considered in […]

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