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Get to know Hive HR

Posted by Lotty Reeves on 28th June 2021

Hive helps organisations to make better decisions by harnessing the collective intelligence of the whole workforce. They do this by providing their customers with innovative software that makes it easy, accessible and effective for employees to share their ideas, concerns and opinions.

The data collected provides insight for management teams to make informed decisions that benefit both the employees and the organisation’s bottom line. As Sidney Yoshida claimed, “only 4% of an organisation’s front-line problems are known by top management… and 100% by employees”. Hive seeks to make use of that often-untapped strategic resource to the benefit of both the organisations they partner with and their employees.

Founded in 2015 in the North East, the company has expanded following a series of investment rounds and now boasts clients such as Tarmac, Travelodge and Northumbria Police among an impressive list of over 150.



What services do The Endeavour Partnership provide?

Corporate Commercial

John Ryder, Founder and CEO: “The team at The Endeavour Partnership have helped us from the very start. In fact, they were involved with the set-up of the company. From then on, we have worked with Martin McKinnell and the team registering trademarks, corporate governance, and a series of successful investment rounds.

“You have to be able to explicitly trust your legal team and that is exactly what we have with Martin and the rest of the Endeavour team. Obviously, they know their onions when it comes to the law but also, I appreciate that they really get us as a business.”

Employment Law

John: “The Endeavour Partnership operates with similar values to ours; their team is important and so is ours, so that builds confidence. In addition, when Laura Kirkpatrick explains something it’s super clear. We need to understand the process and be involved, and we get this from the team at The Endeavour Partnership.

“The entire team at The Endeavour Partnership are so responsive and we have a consistency of quality whoever we are dealing with.”

Why The Endeavour Partnership?

John: “We are operating in a fast-paced industry and need our suppliers to understand the bigger picture to save time. The team at The Endeavour Partnership have done just that, getting to know us, understanding where we have come from and, more importantly, where we want to go. This method has built confidence and we trust them to represent us based on the current situation and our future aspirations.

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