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The Endeavour Partnership speaks with successful entrepreneur Mike Racz

Posted by Lotty Reeves on 15th October 2020

After moving to the UK from Hungary 16 years ago, Mike Racz settled in Hartlepool where, after starting his career as a Domino’s delivery driver, he launched his first franchise business. Now 14 years later, Mike heads up the Racz Group.

The organisation now owns multiple businesses operating under various brands including 29 Domino’s franchises, 16 Costa Coffee shops, 16 Anytime Fitness franchises, digital marketing agency Viral Effect, Boxed2Me, Head Quarters, Black Olive and The Man Cave Project. The employee count currently sits at more than 1,300 and is growing almost daily.

Each brand comes with its own guidelines and the Racz Group operates under its own core ideology which encapsulates their passion for building businesses and developing people to grow with the organisation.

Working with Mike Racz since 2014, The Endeavour Partnership have provided the entrepreneur with support in growing his successful organisation.

Q: Your growth story is inspirational, was it always in your plan to grow the business and is it important that your whole team shares your vision?

Mike Racz: “I always had a desire to grow the business. I believe values create behaviours and our core ideology is based around this thinking. We are a fast-moving organisation and it is important that our suppliers share our vision. The drive and ambition comes from our leadership but the whole team is on the journey with us; that includes the external professionals we engage with.

Nik Tunley and the team at The Endeavour Partnership share our passion and understand our vision. They offer expert legal advice that aligns with our plans, they recognise our ambition and embrace our rapid pace.”

Nik Tunley: “It’s been a pleasure to be involved with such a progressive thinker, Mike isn’t held back by anything and we are able to work alongside him to bring his plans to fruition.”

Q: Entrepreneurs are renowned for being risk-takers, do you find it’s difficult to work with people outside your way of thinking?

Mike Racz: “Solicitors aren’t always considered as commercial thinkers, they aren’t programmed to take risks like entrepreneurs but Endeavour really does get this. They know the law and assess the bold decisions we make but don’t hold us back; they offer us constructive commercial advice and find solutions and support our plans. It is true also though that, through the relationship we have developed, they will challenge the proposal and help to focus the decision-making rather than simply saying “YES, Mike”.

“This allows us to focus on the important elements of running the business and gives me the confidence to be entrepreneurial.”

Nik Tunley: “We pride ourselves on offering more than static legal advice, we take the time to build relationships with our clients and understand their commercial objectives. Mike is really clear with the direction of the business and we are able to help deliver his plans and mitigate the risk from his ambitions growth plans.”

 Q: Why is it important that you have an established relationship with your law firm?

Mike Racz: “We have grown significantly as has the complexity of the legal advice we have accessed. The quality of Endeavour’s work and the ability to complete to our timescales has been integral to our success.

“The Endeavour Partnership have guided us through many transactions; we believe this has involved more than 12,000 documents and I trust the advice they give us wholeheartedly. We are on a journey together and with every acquisition or property deal, they learn more about how we work and the results we want to achieve for our business.”

“They are growing with us and Nik and his team are an extension of our own team. They know us and we feel protected by them, we have built a strong understanding from our commercial relationship.”

Nik Tunley: “We really enjoy working with Mike and the team. He shows exceptional leadership skills and we don’t expect his drive to slow down anytime soon.”

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