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Who are Magnitude Biosciences and what do they do – you will be surprised!

Posted by Lotty Reeves on 22nd May 2020

With labs in NETpark, Magnitude Biosciences are a research organisation offering research and analysis services in the fields of ageing, neurodegeneration, microbiome and toxicity testing to improve lifespan and healthspan.

Their innovative approach and novel technology incorporate the use of tiny transparent worms (caenorhabditis elegans) to test compounds designed to improve age-related disease. The worms are used because of their predictable lifespan and behaviours. In common with other researchers in this field, the team at Magnitude previously used human monitors to observe the worms’ behaviour. Fast forward to now and the worms are monitored by cameras connected to computers that use novel software developed by Magnitude to observe and ‘learn’ from the worms. In addition, the team have created a digital platform to track the research which allows them to review compounds in their early stage of development to establish their viability much sooner and more cost-effective than other research and reporting methods.

A spin-out organisation from Durham University, Magnitude Biosciences was created when biologist David Weinkove wanted to improve his own research. He was joined by physicist Chris Saunter who led the development of the technology used in the process.

Working with companies that could have a significant impact in the field of age-related illness, the team have been successful in securing funding to support their plans.

Chief operating officer, John O’Brien is responsible for building Magnitude’s global business and has been Endeavour Partnership’s key client contact from the start.

What services does Endeavour provide?

Corporate and Commercial

John: “When we were applying for the Northern Accelerator Programme Fund, The Endeavour Partnership provided legal input. Nigel Williams and Jessica Lenham were a huge support to us, offering expert legal advice that was straightforward and practical.

“Our core business is science-driven, and The Endeavour Partnership took the time to understand how we operate and our commercial objectives. In doing so the advice was always tailored to our requirements.

“We have since applied for the second round of funding and the expert team at Endeavour Partnership have continued to provide support with commercial and technical legal advice. They would listen to what we had discussed as a board and taking an outcome focussed approach, offer advice that considered potential future challenges; they were able to do this as they understand our aspirations and are dynamic in their approach.”

“We are ambitious, and we see these characteristics in the team at Endeavour Partnership, they are interested in our success. We are currently looking at opportunities to expand our operation and Endeavour Partnership are also guiding us through this process.”

Navigate HR Services

“As we have grown, we have invested in our team. Laura Kirkpatrick has supported us to ensure best practice, her expertise has helped us when we have needed ad-hoc support. The prompt response time of the team at Endeavour Partnership allows us to quickly resolve any issues.

“We are expecting our team to grow and knowing we have expert advice  in this context gives us confidence as we develop our services globally.”

Why Endeavour?

John: “The firm was recommended to us by a former work colleague of Nigel’s when we were initially applying for funding and we have been impressed by their approach from the off. Their service level was exceptional as we continued using their corporate and commercial team for our advice and when we needed other elements of legal advice, we naturally contacted their team.

“We would describe the team at Endeavour as our legal partners, they really do understand our business objectives and their expert advice is always specific to our current challenges whilst future-proofing us where possible.

“This level of expertise alongside their commercial awareness and approachable manner has been integral to our growth and we feel confident Endeavour Partnership are able to support our growth.”

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